A passion for making great games for the VR community and helping shape the industry

The Team

Our team has been involved in VR industry since the Oculus DK1 era and is passionate about all things VR. We’ve been developing VR content for 5 years now and we hope to continually bring great games to this amazing VR community.

Our Tech

Over the years we’ve been expanding the capabilities of our Studio. To further increase the quality of our games we’re creating animations using Motion Capture Suits. Our hope is to make future projects more realistic with fully motion captured cutscenes and character interactions.


Our company is based in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada’s 11th largest city. London has one of the strongest development community’s in Canada and we hope to be a key driver in it’s VR game development growth.


Mervils is an open-world RPG platformer built specifically for third-person VR. Explore the four picturesque worlds and save the Mervil Kingdom from Balazar the Evil! Available now on:


Shadow Legend VR is an action-RPG where you play as the Grand Master of the Knights Templar in a story-driven medieval crusade.

Speech Recognition

In this project our goal is to put you at the centre of the game and tell a compelling story. VR is much like real life and with speech recognized dialogue we hope to make your interactions with NPC’s life-like and give you a real sense of agency in the games story.

Mocapped Animations

With our studio’s motion capture suits, our goal is to make all animations as realistic possible. All combat actions, NPC interactions, and cutscenes will be fully mocapped making your experience within our VR game very immersive and will add an additional layer of quality.

Realistic Combat

The single most important aspect of our new Action-RPG game is combat. Our goal is to make every enemy interaction as realistic as possible with mocapped attacks from both sword and bow, and accurate blocks. For the player we’re creating feedback systems and parry mechanics to make each battle meaningful and to mitigate the waggle-to-win play style in VR.


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